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Arguably the best ensemble of its kind in the world
- Manchester Evening News
Date:   Sunday, February 12, 2017, 4PM
Location:   Diana Wortham Theatre
Cost:   $38/person
All Taxes Included

Tickets purchased the week of the concert will be held at will call.
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Mozart: Three Fantasies for mechanical organ, K. 594, K. 616, K. 608

Pavel Haas: Quintet, Op. 10

Johan Kvandal: Quintet, Op. 34

Carl Nielsen: Quintet for Winds, Op. 43


The Artists

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s foremost quartets, the American String Quartet celebrates its 39th season in 2014–2015. The Quartet is also known for its performances of the complete quartets of Beethoven, Schubert, Schoenberg, Bartók and Mozart. The Quartet’s recordings of the complete Mozart string quartets on a matched set of Stradivarius instruments are widely held to set the standard for this repertoire.