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Ariel String Quartet Plays a Spectacular Program of Haydn, Bartók, and Beethoven

By Laura McDowell September 25, 2015

Classical Voice of North Carolina

The Ariel Quartet is known for their performance of this challenging work and they took to it like greeting an old friend. Central to the quartet, both in form and in spiritual depth, is the famous third movement, which Beethoven titled “Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenen” (A convalescent’s sacred song of thanksgiving to God). The hymn appears first in chorale style as a Molto Adagio and is followed by an Andante labeled “Neue Kraft fühlend” (Feeling new strength). The alternation of these two sections several times within the movement comprise nearly 20 minutes of some of the most profound music one will ever hear. The chorale section was stunningly portrayed by a…

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